lunes, enero 10, 2011

Insanity Wave - The Minor League

Insanity Wave en el Costello Club (Madrid). Junio de 2010. Interpretando su tema "The Minor League". Formato acústico.

Insanity Wave at The Costello Club. Madrid - Spain. June 2010. Unplugged show.


My eyes about to close
The drink has worm me out
Too many miles to end up this hole
Enough to bitter any soul
I know this road all too well

Not a soul around
Outside is lashing down
Shit paying gigs
Tell myself "Won´t you play them again"
But as I view myself on stage what a liar I´ve become

And oh Oh here we go again now
Hey The Minor league again now
Hey Oh here we go again now
Playing, playing again
And all this playing is getting us nowhere

Filthy motel rooms
Hangovers on the way back
Monday morning blues
And my boss is giving me shit for getting in late again

But we´ll give it another try!

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Luciernaga dijo...

No veo por aquí la info del concierto de febrero (¿The Last Waltz?). ¿Donde, cuando como? ¡Esto se merece un post! Igual está en el Facebook. Ahora lo miro

Saludos insanos

§ 555 §

Escrigna dijo...

Tienes razón 555!!!! Tenemos que currarnos un post específico. cuelgo ahora una pequeña nota en el lateral...y ya pasaremos post.