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Crítica de Joe Algeri de nuestro álbum Late Night Shift

Pasamos a copiaros la crítica que acaba de realizar el prestigioso músico de power pop australiano Joe Algeri (JACK & THE BEANSTALK, THE BRITANNICAS...). ¡Más vale tarde que nunca!

"A review of “Late Night Shift” by INSANITY WAVE

Well better late than never... It was only fitting that my copy of “Late Night Shift”, released in 2008, was personally delivered to me all the way from Spain from power-pop demi-God, Dom Mariani. Yes, many Spaniards would swear that Dom is a music God.

Power-pop and rock n’ roll connoisseurs all around the world know that Madrid, Spain is one of the genre’s hotspots and any self-respecting purveyor or fan has been there - at least once. It would seem only natural that such a place would itself produce artists that have absorbed all the goodness from all the touring acts, all the hard to find albums in the many records shops and all the cool songs played on radio that unfortunately don’t get played as often everywhere else.

One of Madrid’s own is Insanity Wave, a band that has been kicking around since the early ‘90s. If I’m not mistaken, the “Late Night Shift” is the band’s fourth long-player and their second with Mitch Easter as engineer/producer, recorded at his Fidelitorium studios. This last sentence alone should tell you this is a quality and polished effort. That’s actually putting it mildly, this band know their chops; performance and execution is absolutely top notch. Mitch wouldn’t work with crap, or at least I’ve never known him to.

And what about the songs? Well I was fortunate to be present when bass player/vocalist Coleman Gota recorded an earlier version of Please Drive Carefully in Stockholm some years before. I was impressed then and even more so now with its rootsy, country-rock flavouring that all also underpins much of the album. This song could have easily been a Tom Morgan/Evan Dando classic on a Lemonheads album. Feeling So High has a psychedelic, San Francisco feel and those unmistakeable Mitch Easter flourishes. Something to Hide is also one of the standout tracks with a chorus that becomes imprinted on your brain after just one listen.

A tight rhythm section, soaring guitar solos, classic keyboards, spot on harmonies – you just can’t fault this album. If I had to be really picky I’d say that both Coleman and José María Martínez (guitar/vocals) sometimes don’t deliver their lead vocals as strongly on the lower register of the more downbeat numbers such as Only In Dreams. Again, I’m being picky here because overall these 10 songs are absolutely outstanding in every respect.

Towards the end of the album I was wondering if I wasn’t actually listening to some great, lost Velvet Crush record. Certainly, if your taste in power-pop is orientated more towards the western side of the Atlantic, then you could do no wrong in parting with your dollars for this album.

My only suspicion with this band has nothing to do with this album or indeed, any of their other recordings. Insanity Wave has partied underneath the disco ball in the basement of Herb Eimerman’s “Dome” in Lake Villa, Illinois. If you know either Herb Eimerman or the boys from Insanity Wave, you’ll know this is cause for concern...

Joe Algeri – friend & fan
Perth, Western Australia"

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